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Parent Testimonials

I would not think of sending my children anywhere else, nor is there anyone else that I would recommend to friends or family looking for quality childcare. Early Einstein is well structured, the teachers are attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and were a positive influence on my daughter. The center itself is clean and well kept. Some of my daughter's best memories are of the center and its caring staff.  

-Deborah, Colonial Heights


Early Einstein is more than a daycare for my daughter; it is her second home. Alexa started there at 8 months old and has thrived since the very beginning. The teachers and staff, headed by Michelle, treat each child as if they were their own. Alexa is now 4 and beyond ready for pre-k/kindergarten thanks to the care and education she has received at Early Einstein. I am so grateful to have found such a safe and nurturing learning environment for my child. I highly recommend Early Einstein!

-Gina, Yonkers


I cannot put into words how wonderful this center is. Their dedication to their children and their craft has prepared my son developmentally in all facets.

-Joanne, Eastchester

I have sent both my daughters, to Early Einstein. Michelle educated and loved them both like they were her own. I don't know what I would have done over the years without her, both for childcare and for having my daughters ready for elementary school. My girls were already reading and writing and it was all due to Michelle's tireless work with them. We hated having to leave, but our years at the center are still ingrained in our hearts!

-Martina, Tuckahoe


My son entered the "Early Einstein Learning Center" when he was just turning  2 years old. I was completely amazed by how safe the facility was and the reliable staff. The "Early Einstein Learning Center" is an excellent place for children, they have created a loving environment and as a parent I felt comfortable in leaving my child under well provided care. Til' this day, my son says to me that he wants to go back to the center and he is now 6 years old. He absolutely loved his experience and he talks about it still today!

-Adrianna, Yonkers


I was referred to Michelle and Early Einstein Learning Center when my son was an infant and I had to return to work. I was very uneasy about leaving him as we had not planned on using a daycare center and had only ever had family members watch our children. However, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michelle and her staff. They are warm, friendly, and caring and I never once felt worried about our son’s safety. They truly cared for him like family. This is not just a daycare, it really is a learning center. As an education professional I can attest to the richness of the center’s curriculum and their attention to developmentally appropriate practice.  As he got older, my son came home every day talking about what he’d seen, done, and learned while at the center. He is very prepared to start school this year, and I attribute much of that to Michelle and her team. I am so grateful to have had them during these very important years.

-Cara, Crestwood


Prior to my daughter attending Early Einstein, I was concerned with her language development and lack of social interaction. Thanks to Early Einstein Learning Center (EELC) those concerns are long gone. It’s been almost 2 years and my daughter at the age of 3 comes home teaching me things. The other day she told me how a bee has 2 stomachs, one for storing nectar and the other for food. I was blown away. She uses words like “actually, complicated and probably” all in the right context. The staff is professional, friendly and caring. They are diligent in letting me know if and when my daughter gets a “boo boo” and inform me of all the details surrounding the “boo boo”. EELC also holds an annual holiday party and summer fiesta for all families both old and new to attend. To me those gatherings form a sense of community upon the kids and parents, which is crucial in today’s society. EELC is absolutely amazing!!!! 

-Rosa, Crestwood


Both of my children went to Early Einstein since infancy. I have been constantly impressed with the care and attention they have recieved, and the real, substantive learning programs at the center. I loved getting care sheets outlinining exactly what happened each day. When they went to school, I found my children to be very well prepared. And I cant say enough about Michelle, who is warm, welcoming, and feels like part of the family. As a working parent, I have been grateful to have Early Einstein as a great partner in raising healthy, happy kids. My children are now 6 and 9, and doing great both academically and socially. And we always love coming back for "alumni" days!

-Ariana, Yonkers

Parent Resources

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