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Registration: There is a a yearly $150 registration fee.


Tuition: Tuition can vary based on number of hours and days required and based on availability. We do maintain a wait-list. When slots are available, we we have availability for 2, 3 and 5 day options as well as limited availability for a morning shift (8am -12pm). We also offer after school care. Please call for specifics on what your requirements are and we would be happy to provide tuition information for your specific needs. 


Security Deposit: There is a two week security deposit required. This fee is provided back to you when we receive the appropriate 30 day disenrollment notice.


Payments are made between the 25th of the month preceding or by the 1st of the month of care being provided. 


Currently our method of payment is via ACH debit or Zelle. 

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