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Our founder Michelle Ortiz -Soto began operating Early Einstein in 2007. During her career in advertising and marketing, she and her husband purchased their first home in Westchester, NY., where she began searching for child care for her own child. After seeing numerous child care centers and having done an enormous amount of research and reading on early education and child development, she was not completely satisfied with the choices. Early Einstein opened first as a licensed facility in 2007 and since that time Michelle has served the community in many ways. She has been a Board Member of the local PTA helping to raise over $150,000 and acquire a new and safer playground for their school. She sits on the board at the Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc.., the co-founder of Yonkers Parents United and has also served on the Education Redesign Team, working with various organizations in an effort to create a strong educational foundation for the children in the district that Early Einstein serves.  She currently holds certification in Child Development and a Bachelor's in Education. She remains active and connected to the community in which she serves, participating in projects and activities that help to inform and educate parents, move Yonkers forward in assisting children reach their full potential, and provide engagement for children. Michelle and the Early Einstein staff help to ensure children entering into Pre-K and Kindergarten are well prepared and they provide information and assistance to parents looking for guidance when transitioning into the vast Yonkers Public School system.  

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Director and owner Krystal Hill has been with Early Einstein since 2009. She first worked occasionally for the owners own children, worked her way into the center part time and is now the director. Besides taking the Child Development Associates course for certification, Krystal is the most patient, loving, nurturing and caring professional around and Early Einstein is lucky to have her on their team!

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