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Creating a partnership with parents, Early Einstein, Inc. is able to offer more than basic care services for toddlers and children. Our curriculum and methods are based on proven engagement and interaction models, which provide children direct learning through a nationally recognized, developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

Offering the best of both worlds, we operate as a licensed center within a community and residential setting. Come and see the Early Einstein difference! Contact our licensed Group Family center at 914-361-1942 to schedule a virtual or after hour tour or discuss how we can partner with your family!


Age 2 & Under

We pride ourselves on a safe environment where your infant has the freedom to move and explore and plenty of age appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development.


Age 2 to 5 Years

A perfect balance of nurturing, playtime, and learning each day, we offer monthly themed units that provide a variety of daily experiences and age-appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning.


Age 5 to 10  Years

A comfortable, safe environment with an emphasis on developing communication, cooperation, problem solving and age appropriate behavior. Coupled with regular homework help, we aim to boost your child's confidence, self-esteem, character, and social skills.

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